Warehouse Picking

An Outstanding Service with Complete Traceability

Our ability to hold consignments and pick from stock, as well as the more routine breaking down of inbound pallets and rebuilding of consolidated loads for rapid onward distribution, is a key benefit for many Fowler Welch customers. This is managed effectively through our warehouse supply chain management software that accurately tracks and reports the time and destination of each and every product movement. This assists all of our operatives with picking and packing .In the event of a recall, Fowler Welch provides complete peace of mind, swiftly identifying where each and every case has been delivered.

So, for both chilled and ambient products, at Fowler Welch we offer outstanding service levels with complete traceability, all based around our well-proven Manhattan Warehouse Management System (WMS). These are services our teams check routinely with full-scale ‘practice alerts’ on real-time product movements. It doesn’t matter whether we’re dealing with cases, batches or pallets, the same rigorous attention to detail is given by our highly experienced picking teams.