Checking Produce and Products to Ensure Quality For Your Customers

Product Rework

It is not uncommon for some inbound produce and manufactured products to arrive at one of our depots in less than perfect condition. For our retail and supplier customers this can be a real problem, so our depot teams are happy to be tasked with opening and checking produce and products to ensure quality standards on behalf of those customers; often repacking to ensure that, regardless of inbound quality, full-value loads go out to their final destinations. Similarly, and especially on inbound produce from overseas, our teams are frequently required to repack from bulk shipments into smaller quantity cases to meet UK retail needs. It’s all part of the Fowler Welch service.

Fowler Welch are a proactive, reliable and trusted warehouse and distribution partner who meet the increasing demands of the FMCG sector. With commitment throughout the organisation Fowler Welch provide excellence at every stage.”

John Uren
Baker Bennett Ltd