Direct Links with Every Container Port in the UKContainers

Container work, because of the unexpected hitches created by shipping delays and DEFRA inspections where chilled food stuffs are concerned, is a demanding operational area, but one in which Fowler Welch excels. Both refrigerated and ‘dry’ boxes are handled with equal dedication and skill by our specialist teams, who are linked with every container port in the UK through our sophisticated stand-alone systems. It is their expertise and ability to identify and cope with delays that make us stand out from the crowd.

Our container trucks meet even the most demanding deadlines, supported by the wider Fowler Welch network acting as key staging posts. Especially useful where delayed containers need urgent prioritisation to keep them on the move.

Additionally, we can de-stuff and palletise freight, or re-palletise where needed, for onward distribution, often breaking loads across several customer destinations.