Ensuring an Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Supply Chain Service 

As human beings we are all aware of the impact our various activities have on our planet; so the Fowler Welch teams set out to continually develop towards an environmentally sustainable supply chain service, for both our customers and their customers. Key to this is working to achieve the FDF emission reduction standards by 2020 – as a minimum!

Our efforts are therefore focussed on three key areas;Enviroment


Our fleet team strive constantly to improve the fuel efficiency of our fleet of 320 tractor units. Current live projects, many in partnership with suppliers include;

First ambient longer trailer on the road in the UK increasing capacity by 15%

Detailed reporting of driving style, through the fleet wide telemetry

Extensive in fleet trial of low resistant tyres with varied types of fuel patterms and rubber, across various truck models

Aerodynamic developments with both tractor units and trailer

One third of the fleet is now Euro 6

Additionally our fleet replacement programme ensures the most modern, fuel efficient, low emission vehicles replaced every three years.

Introduction of the new Schmitz own make fridge unit. We are one of 5 UK companies chosen by the manufacturer to take one over a trial period and compare it with the Thermoking & Carrier units in our fleet.

Asset Utilisation

Fewer ‘empty running’ miles, greater synchronisation from multiple suppliers and a focus on intelligent flow-based systems, these are skills that are deeply engrained in the operational teams of Fowler Welch.

At the heart of everything Fowler Welch does is consolidation. This service of consolidation is all about combining small orders for multiple suppliers to gain critical mass to deliver vehicle fill and efficiency. This sharing of resource be it warehouse space or fleet capacity, drives a positive impact on environmental performance.


Our investment in IT systems plays a key role, giving the visibility of information to ensure assets are utilised as fully as possible. The IT team at Fowler Welch ensure transparency of information in order focus effort on the areas that will give best Asset Utilisation.

Fowler Welch assisted us with running a number of courses for our buyers. They went out of their way to accommodate us. Very happy with the whole experience.”

Lyndsey Horobin
Buying Academy Co-ordinator