Not Just Meeting but Exceeding Legislative Requirements

There are two major impacts on the improvements Fowler Welch has made in the undefined area of sustainability across all our facilities – the reduction of energy used legitimately and the reduction of energy ‘wasted’. These are both influenced by the 24-hour reliance we have to have on lighting and cold-store temperature maintenance in a busy supply chain environment.

So the company has a process of continuous improvement that sees us currently engaged in such projects as a total evaluation of facilities lighting and the potential for energy reduction through low-energy lights both inside and out, and the installation of intelligent systems that only switch on appropriate low light levels in areas of constant occupation, or when movement is detected in others. Alongside this study we are investigating enhanced refrigeration techniques, seeking systems that maintain required temperatures accurately, but without running plant at maximum when not required. Similarly with forklift truck charging and usage. While in our future building and refurbishment programmes, our objective will be not only to meet, but to exceed legislative requirements as we pursue maximised operating efficiency.