Container Transport provided by Fowler Welch

Refrigerated or 'Dry' Containers Moving Any Time of the Day or Night


If there’s a sector where flexibility is as important as efficiency, it is container transport and container management, especially refrigerated containers. Operating out of every major container port in the UK, Fowler Welch people understand the very real differences that container work can bring; coping with challenges such as revising and complying to any updated legislations, planning ports of entry and more 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s what it takes, so that’s why our organisation is so successful.

Most of the time that is enough, however in the area of FMCG goods, and especially chilled goods, delays created by shipping hold-ups or unexpected DEFRA inspections of landed containers can create the potential for some hauliers to miss a load. Not Fowler Welch. Here, our stand-alone IT systems and long years of successful experience mean we work with Port Authorities to anticipate delays and overcome any transport knock-on effects.

We are not just relying on freight forwarders and shipping lines. Our team at Fowler Welch are experts in container tracking, knowing exactly where our containers are at all times (day or night) thanks to our reliable and professional approach, and extensive knowledge of international shipping. Many logistics companies can struggle to meet the pressures, demands and complexities of container transport; however our team excel in supply chain operations when transporting refrigerated goods. With specialist central depots, we can get refrigerated or ‘dry’ containers moving at any time of day or night, with immediate onward transport guaranteed at one of our carefully located UK staging posts.

Fowler Welch provides support with a dedicated team which is on call 24/7 so our bakeries have the flexibility to produce a product that hits supermarket shelves daily.”

Adam Marson
Supply Chain Director