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Leading Consolidation Service, Consistently Delivering Cost Efficient Distribution


Fowler Welch is a market-leading primary transport service provider. For the larger retailer, manufacturer or producer, we coordinate direct movements of dedicated loads to RDCs across the UK. While for smaller manufacturers or producers, we provide fast and cost-effective consolidation services that gives us 24/7 access to the retail network. For any size of business, we also offer a flexible mix of dedicated and consolidated services to accommodate seasonal and promotional peaks.

Every Fowler Welch depot is purpose-designed to handle high volumes of ambient and multi-temperature product throughput from a diversity of multiple vendors and suppliers, with equally high levels of end-customer delivery destinations and demands. Our teams of drivers, handlers and planners are proven experts in their roles in the supply chain processes; maximising well-managed flexibility to deliver high quality service in the most cost-efficient ways.

By focusing on optimum vehicle fill and collection schedules that deliver maximum efficiency, the people on the ground at each Fowler Welch depot keep movement time scales short, without risking accuracy and reliability – making a complex process seem reassuringly simple. The result is a level of consistency, even at times of peak demand, that is the envy of the primary transport sector.

Fowler Welch are a proactive, reliable and trusted warehouse and distribution partner who meet the increasing demands of the FMCG sector. With commitment throughout the organisation Fowler Welch provide excellence at every stage.”

John Uren
Baker Bennett Ltd

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