Ambient Warehousing at Fowler Welch

Bringing Our Fresh Experience to Ambient 

Our ambient operations are centred on the team at our BRC accredited Heywood Distribution Centre just north of Manchester, supported by our national network of depots. Here, the same Day One for Day Two service standards that have made our Fowler Welch name a leader in temperature controlled operations, are matched by our ambient supply chain teams: allowing customers to reduce the cost of stockholdings, without risking stock levels on shelf.

Flexibility is key to our people running these operations, with the ever-changing demands on both suppliers and retailers. As the sector continues to speed up, Fowler Welch is able to apply the same skills from the chill supply chain. Skill which significantly speed the process to improve the stock-holding needs of retailers across the UK.

Though renowned for our strong base in food and drink, the same Fowler Welch care and expertise is available from our experienced teams for any ambient product. Some examples of factors to consider are the effective management and organisation of racking systems for food storage, and ensuring that each warehouse operative is communicating at all times. The management of stock in our warehouses is critical for a smooth distribution process each and every time. Even merchandising and promotions, with their massive seasonal variations, are comfortably dealt with throughout the overall operation.

Logistically you have exceeded the high operational expectations. A customers wanted orders delivering by 10:00am, I said this was impossible but once again you pulled it out the bag. I personally wanted to say thanks to everyone at Fowler Welch.”

Clayton Kemp
Head of Warehousing and Distri
Bernard Matthews