Temperature Controlled Warehouses at Fowler Welch

Short & Long Term Storage - Giving Customers Flexibility

Whatever the demands, the Fowler Welch network of ambient and temperatureStorage controlled warehouses is fully equipped to handle both short and longer term customer needs. From overflow stock at peak growing times or seasonal demand, through to such things as ‘ingredients’ being held for food manufacturing or merchandising units for supermarket display.

There are not many companies that have the skills in logistics to manage temperature controlled foods, from -3oC to +10  under one roof on top of meeting the demands of customers across the country. Our team however have created the ideal warehouses and storage environments, not only to ensure that we can hold stock for however long necessary without compromising the quality of produce, but to satisfy the needs of all of our customers at all times.

Being a motivated organisation, we realise how dynamic (in-turn) the needs of our customers can be, especially in the retail and grocery sector, which is where most of our custom derives, due to specialising in the management of temperature controlled products.

It’s all part of our drive to give customers the flexibility of operation they need. And, of course, it’s all backed by the full supply chain expertise of our Fowler Welch team.

7 sites

offering 847,000 sq ft of storage and cross-dock space.