Inventory Management, Stock Management Solutions from Fowler Welch

Letting Customers Do What They Do Best 

The objective of Fowler Welch is simply to let customers do what they do best, while we do what we do best and manage their stock and supply chain processes for them. Thanks to our very flexible approach, it’s a system that Stock Management works excellently for a growing number of major names. Our company has worked with these leading supermarket chains and brands for a number of years due to our efficiency and ability to communicate clearly both internally and externally, enabling Fowler Welch to take orders quickly, and deliver these promptly; to the exact date and time an order specified, as required. We are proud of our heritage and of the relationships that we gain. Much of the reason why Fowler Welch are the leading logistics and supply chain company, is due in large part to the effectiveness of our stock control and inventory management.

Stock rotation is based on customer needs, be they First in/First out, Best Before dates or retail Shelf Life requirements. With stock reports covering everything from a simple ‘snap shot’ every 24 hours, or customised reports, through to real time access via our web-based platform. Inventory management too is similarly covered, detailing everything from stock held on consignment through to multi-source/multi destination management and reporting.

All of this is supported by our IT supply chain systems, carefully designed and managed by people who have real experience in the operations side of the business, so they know and can anticipate the needs of customers – especially important at times of contract changes, seasonal peaks and product line variations.