Carbon Reduction Across a Large Business

globe in a handEnergy efficiency across businesses is high on the agenda at the moment, with carbon reduction regularly appearing in the media and as a hot topic across the industry. As energy costs are expected to rise and the pressures across all industries to be seen as being more environmentally aware are increasing, adopting greener policies and equipment is fast becoming the standard.

The benefits of this are many, with these policies and more efficient equipment bringing much-needed cash savings to an operation, as well as offering a number of environmental benefits such as lowering CO2 levels and contributing to our customers’ targets.

How to achieve this across a large business

At Fowler Welch, we recognise the effects that our operations have on the environment, across all levels of the business. In order to achieve the best results and meet our targets across a large and complex operation we implement an overarching strategy that includes investing in better, more carbon-efficient equipment, adopting innovative technology and implementing strategic carbon reduction collaborations with our customers.

Since 2012 we have significantly cut overall energy consumption, reducing carbon impact by 11.1% through MPG alone, with further improvements from a range of initiatives taking this to over 14%, with a saving of over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum. There are a number of practices and initiatives that we have put in place across the business and in partnership with our customers which are helping us work towards successful energy efficiency.

Think holistically

We regularly see businesses tackling carbon reduction with a series of ad hoc initiatives, however we wanted long-lasting, measurable results so recognised the need for a coherent company-wide strategy. Creating a central team has allowed us to unite all areas of the business under the same strategy, so every department has the same overall goal and works collectively to achieve it.

Continued measurement

Introducing a number of new initiatives is great, as long as they’re measured. Even if carbon output is reduced, if we can’t prove this and measure the success of our work it won’t impact our business or our customers’. We always work collaboratively with our customers and keep them updated on how their services are performing, so we have a detailed view of what’s working well and what could be improved, and they know how our services are impacting their business and contributing to their overall targets.


Fowler Welch is a multi-faceted business with a number of areas for potential carbon reduction, including fleet and depots, but we also work collaboratively with our customers to find solutions that will benefit our business while contributing to their targets, bringing the best outcome for all involved.


With over 450 trucks on the road, our fleet represents a significant opportunity for carbon reduction. We have responded to this with consistent investment in training and equipment to increase our MPG across the business. All of our vehicles are fitted with telematics and we operate a driver league table which recognises ‘good behaviour’ from drivers such as cruise control, load sympathy and braking control, which works well in getting our employees on board with our goals. This has led to an increase in MPG by 1.05 since fully introducing telematics, a 12.5% increase.

Customer collaboration

Working with our customers on the roads, we always take into consideration any initiatives that we can implement to offer them an added value service. Tulip Ltd. came to us when they needed to move an export product into a cold store facility more efficiently. We sourced a trailer that combined a single temperature trailer with the flexibility of a double deck. As the product could not be stacked for technical reasons, bars lowered down from the trailer ceiling enabling double the number of pallets to be loaded in each trip. As a result, Tulip was able to reduce the number of trailers on the road from five to three daily, saving 80,860 food miles and 107 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Across our business, from board-level to warehouse floor, we have committed ourselves to operating in the most energy efficient way possible and take our environmental responsibility incredibly seriously. Overall, for any business looking to reduce their carbon emissions, we would advise looking at the business as a whole and implementing initiatives that work across the entire operation. Businesses should be flexible in how they work, not afraid to innovate and take a new approach to achieving results and finally, be collaborative with partners and customers, pooling resources and working together to achieve the best results for all parties.

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