Colleague survey: what our employees think

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Colleague survey: we need to know what our employees think

At Fowler Welch, we know that our colleagues are at the heart of everything we do and we recognise that by having fully engaged, knowledgeable and experienced employees enables us to deliver the highest level of quality and service to our Customers.

It is important for us to understand what really matters to our colleagues in terms of working life and job satisfaction so last year we launched our Colleague Engagement Survey.  This was distributed to all Fowler Welch colleagues based at our nine depots.  Everyone had the opportunity to have a ‘voice’ in areas such as communication, recognition and training and development and if they had what they needed to do their job well.

From the results, site specific Engagement Plans were formulated and are now displayed in depots and departments on allocated notice boards providing updates on progress made.  We are also reviewing and tracking progress on company-wide communications which is a commitment from the Directors of Fowler Welch to improve communication via a range of initiatives.

We now want to see how well we have done since the last survey was carried out and if overall improvements have been made.  So this September we are inviting our colleagues to complete the survey again so we can continue to strive to make Fowler Welch a great place to work!


Training and Development: knowing our stuff

All businesses understand the importance of training and development and Fowler Welch are no exception.  It is incredibly important to us that our colleagues know their ‘stuff’ so they can continue to do their job to the highest standards possible whilst delivering top class service to our customers.

We are continually looking at ways to improve what we currently do and already we have made some real progress in this area for our new starters and managers.


New starters: first impressions are important

What happens to a new employee in the first few days and weeks can shape their entire future within the Company so we want them to know they landed a great job with a great employer!

So we have introduced a more structured induction programme and tools for all new starters that cover the various functions within the business.  This will involve on-the-job training, training on systems, process & procedures whilst getting to know more about the company and their site – a great way to welcome new colleagues to Fowler Welch.


Managers: leading by example

All of our managers are attending various ‘soft skills’ training provided by our external training partner currently being carried out over the year and includes areas such as leadership styles and communication techniques.  This has been really positively received by all of our managers who can see the benefits that these additional skills and management techniques are already bringing to them and their teams.

We are also reviewing a more structured training programme for new managers within the business whether they join us as a manager or are newly promoted.  This will ensure we give manager’s the right tools and skills for them to be effective people managers within the business.

Finally, other training requirements across the depots and departments have been identified and these will be used to create an overall training and development plan to further enhance colleague’s knowledge and skills over the next year or so.