Day 3 Leg 4 to Spalding

lined up for photoNeil King, Andy Gibson, Luke Goodyear; Piotr Glanowski and Hubert Siekierzynski set off from Comberton with a 41 mile ride to Peterborough. Support drivers; Anyone who was around!

With the incoming leg severely delayed by punctures, and a group of riders stuck in traffic, we decided to set the first couple of riders on their way to kick off leg 4. Neil King and Andy Gibson were ready for the challenge and with a quick “See you in Peterborough” they were off!! The second group arrived just moments later, and with a quick offload of their bikes, the obligatory pre-ride, enthusiastic selfie and the use of the facilities at the very hospitable Comberton Baptist Church, Luke, Hubert and Piotr were soon on their way too. In a day of traffic that favoured bikes over cars, we weren’t sure again who would get to the finish line first.

It was a tough 41 miles, and with the car battling through traffic and road closures, taking 2.5 hours, the car only just beat Neil who completed the leg in a fantastic 2h 52m. Neil was so enthused to have completed his first stint, he failed to unclip from his pedals and made a graceful fall into Tracey – fortunately, it was only his pride that was bruised. As we waited for the remaining Comberton Crew to arrive, we were joined by Matt Downes, Sandra Moules and Andy Richardson, who would be joining Neil on the last leg into Spalding. Having slogged through the wind and rain, Hubert, Piotr and Luke pulled into Peterborough, to cheers from the waiting crowd. Andy was still nowhere to be seen… Hubert was questioned about whether he actually rode the distance, as his 40+ mile journey hadn’t seemed to dampen his mood at all.

It was now time for the post-ride group photo, which I must say, showed a little less enthusiasm! As Hubert contemplated carrying on and doing an additional leg, Andy arrived, and there were cheers all round for another group safely home.