Day 4 Leg 1 (Nuneaton Route)

standing in front of pullup banners The morning started so well, the best in Big Bike history, with Andrew Watson, Alex Grieves and Bob Freeborough from Dairy Crest joining Dan Hemsley and Stuart Waldron from Nuneaton, Simon Dudley from TIP Europe and Mark Varney from FareShare.

It was a short leg of just 14.7 miles and the support team knew they has to get to the next location quick. Chris Foster was support car for the day with Mick Sparrow from Nuneaton in the van to take riders back to the start of the leg. Chris said he watch the riders come onto a roundabout near Leicester thinking they need to go straight over, only to find them riding round and around the roundabout a couple of times until someone worked out which exit!

standing outside warehouseHowever the made amazing time coming in 30 minutes before expected, and the drinks and snack had only just been put out in time.

They had the obligatory photo taken, shown round FareShare Warehouse by Mark before Dan was taken back in the van and the Dairy Crest chaps cycled back to Nuneaton and Mark and Stuart proceeded on the next leg.