Day 4 Leg 1 (Spalding Route)

posing on bikesKarlene Leonard, Yvonne Fox, Stephanie Smithson, Claire Pogson and David Jackson are our riders today, supported by Dave Thomas as support car and Rick Rampley as Van driver.

It’s an early start for the eager group starting out at the Head Office. Waved off with the additional support of Peter Haggerwood, the team set about their task with enthusiasm not often seen in the rain! With Dave and Rick following the riders closely, the group made good progress in less than ideal conditions. The group split in two part way through, with Karlene, Yvonne and Claire riding a good pace, they pulled ahead of the other riders – the competition was on!

The support team and Anita Bond were waiting at the finish line with baited breath to see who would arrive first… Here’s the car, a glimpse of a rider… And the winner is… The ladies!! They were at the finish line in a great time – you’ll need to confirm with Yvonne, who had the official timer on, as this is the subject of Peter Haggerwood’s latest sweepstake challenge. Guided in safely by Rick, David and Stephanie were not far behind, and the cheers continued to a well deserving group.