Day 4 Leg 2 (Spalding Route)

posing for photoRiding alone, Paul Matthew from Spalding was able to set his own pace. He gave Dave the checkpoints, and was off with a bang (well, failing horn!). Before long, Paul, who was planning the ride alone, had his first companion. A squirrel who fancied taking him on with a game of chase.

With masterful skill he weaved left and right, left and right until his furry friend decided he’d had enough and let Paul get on with his journey. It wasn’t much further on however, and Paul had his second cycling mate – this time an actual cyclist, who rode with him for the next few miles, before going back on his own route. Finally, some peace and quiet!! In a little under 4 hours, Paul reached the destination, while he looked more like a contestant from a Pretty Muddy challenge, it was another fantastic effort!