Day 4 Leg 3 1300ft hills lol

posing with bikesThis leg is a killer, it is long 42.3 miles and it is hills galore, and not just little ones, some were climbing to 1300ft, you can image the strength you need to complete that. Again the weather was constant drizzle and although the wind had dropped a bit, it was still strong enough to be a pain.

Joel pulled up alongside Chris in the support car at one point and said ’have you got any chocolate.’

Again they completed it in good time finishing around 3.00pm and what do you want when you finish your leg, a great big steep hill into Miller Dale, no jokes it was almost vertical!

They treated themselves to an ice cream before being packed up into the Van to be taken back to their start point. This is where we say goodbye and thanks to Mick, as we no longer need the van because this is where the routes merge again and we have the van coming from the Spalding route. We also have their support driver who is continuing to Heywood so we also say thanks to Chris for his services.