Day 4 leg 4, we are now as one!

posing with bikesDanny and Freddie from Heywood were dropped off by Steve and joined Cameron from FareShare after he had completed the 25 miles into Millers Dale, after a quick break they headed out to complete the last leg, Cameron having swapped his road bike to an off road to match the other 2. They left at 4.00pm and were asking to get in by 8.00pm, if they could; it was only 40 miles after all!

They took the canal route as they all had off road bikes, which wasn’t as direct as the road but suited them better. Danny fell off his bike, he was fine but cut his knee, saying he did the same thing on the last challenge and it had really only healed completely in the last few months!

posing with bikesBut good as their word, they were back at 8.00pm exactly, covered in mud and we mean covered all over their faces, clothes, legs and bikes. They were really pleased with their efforts as were we and they happily accepted their medals.

Dave Thomas continued on as our support car driver for the rest of the legs into Heywood and Rick continues as Van driver. At the end of the leg, we thanked Rick for his help again this year.