Day 5 It’s all finished or is it?

team photoThe weather just continued to get worse and so we received a call that they couldn’t continue with 24 miles still to go, they were exhausted, soaked and depleted. Jamie quickly set off with the van to pick them up, having got to the location he drove up and down the road 8 times only to be told they were at the next junction up!!

The guys came into Washington to find 2 slow cookers with chicken and vegetable soup and carrot and coriander soup with fresh rolls and drinks, all put on by the very generous John Benton. What more could they want after that weather.

So they leg wasn’t completed and that’s a shame, but understandable. The Washington lads have vowed to complete the last 24 miles on the exercise bikes on Monday which is a fitting end to our challenge.

cooking for the buffetThis year’s event has been very different to the events before, it was great to have so many suppliers and partners on board, FareShare really took it to their hearts and jumped in with both feet, thank you, having you with us made all the difference. The challenge had its nightmares, but also plenty of laughs and shenanigans.

We would like to thank everyone who took part and helped with support and helped organise. Tori Dowling did so much behind the scenes helping with the logistics and getting people in the right place at the right time, thank you Tori, you have been a star.

We have raised £6,391 to date with plenty of donations still to be collected and we will update you later with a final amount raised on the challenge and how much we have left to hit our annual target of £20,000.

Finally, The Big Exercise challenge, it was inspiring when we reached the depots to see the miles that everyone had achieved, we will get you a final total of miles completed in the coming days but to everyone who took part and organised the events, thank you, you’re amazing!