Day 5 Leg 1 Its the last day!

posing in front of pullup bannerIt’s the last morning and at 6.00am Andy Turner, Jayne Hartley, Danny and Freddie from last night (not so muddy today), Angela Doyle and Rory Magner lined up for their photo and got ready for the off. After another pathetic failing horn blast, off they set with 8.00am finish please (lol) at Burnley Football Stadium.

But wait, where is Lee Mahony? No answer on the phone so the other guys set off, then a few minutes later Lee turned up, I believe with a bit of a hanger over! Oh well a nice brisk ride up and down the hills will either kill him or cure him.

Although some where a bit nervous, they did exceptionally well and made it in at 8.40am.

I have to say we have been asked to take some strange things in the support car but this was the first time a baseball bat was taken!