Day 5 Leg 2 It all starts to go downhill from here!

standing in line for photoDanny, Freddie and Graham then set off for the next leg, a gruelling 40 miles. The weather wasn’t friendly either with drizzle constantly and then the odd down pour. 15 miles in we get a call from Danny and Freddie, they can’t continue, with their leg the evening before and the 1st leg this morning, it’s too much and Jamie sets out in the van to pick them up.

Its now down to Graham to complete the leg, he’s a powerhouse so we had no worries about him finishing and also hopeful he would come in earlier than expected.

Disaster struck, just 7 miles from the end, Graham’s chain and gears explode (that’s a bit dramatic but you get where we are going). Try as he might to fix them at the road side, it was not to be and so Dave in the support car puts the bike in the back of his car and brings Graham to the end, absolutely gutted!