Fowler Welch awarded Ecovadis silver accreditation

Across all areas of the business, increasing sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment is a driving force behind the way we work at Fowler Welch.

In the past few years we have introduced a number of initiatives designed to drive results in these areas, through our fleet, operations, warehousing and alongside our customers. These initiatives include APD trailers, jumbo trailers, work to improve our MPG, updates to our lighting systems and the introduction of a Linde lithium-ion MHE fleet.

Recently, we took part in an independent accreditation process with Ecovadis which provides a benchmark, recognised globally, for companies to use to help them continually improve their CSR performance. The accreditation assessment itself covers a number of criteria including environment, ethics and sustainable procurement, of which Fowler Welch surpassed the industry average score.

This process results in Fowler Welch being awarded the globally recognised Ecovadis Silver accreditation.

Initiatives highlighted by Ecovadis for their brilliant results included Fowler Welch’s provision of transport solutions emitting less carbon to customers, its use of IT tools to optimize route planning and measures taken to reuse or recycle waste.

According to assessors, the overall score was also improved by the introduction of a formal CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report; Fowler Welch’s Environmental and Sustainability Report 2018.

The Ecovadis accreditation, recognising us for our work in reducing environmental impact across the entire business has been a real triumph.

The achievement of a Silver award puts Fowler Welch in the top 30% of all companies assessed, and were recognised as having strong policies on a number of environmental issues. What’s more, we achieved an environmental score that put us in the top 14% of all companies within the industry which have been assessed. This is an incredibly strong accomplishment which demonstrates the results of our Environmental and Sustainability Plan.

Of course, our work is ongoing and we will continue to listen, respond and deliver for our customers and partners to work together to reduce the environmental impact of our operation and the supply chain as a whole.