Fowler Welch gets cracking for Easter distribution

Easter imageWe at Fowler Welch are very aware that Easter is just around the corner and know it is essential for retailers and their supply chains to be at peak performance as sales are expected to rise.

Last year saw a high rise in sales over the month of April with an increase of 2.7%(1) from the previous year and we think that this trend is set to continue. So with a busy period expected for all those involved in the grocery supply chain it is important that everyone is prepared.

“We have seen high volume this year around specific events – Valentine’s Day and Mothers’ Day, in particular. However, we are all still waiting for spring temperatures and weather patterns to kick in. When they do, retailers, manufacturers and service partners must be prepared to predict and manage peaks across multiple shopping formats.”Richard Slater, sales and marketing director

With the increase in peak trade Fowler Welch is aware of just how important this time of year is: “We are driven by listening to our customers, responding to their needs and delivering the service in order to help them take advantage of peaks in demand during the busy Easter period.”

Over this busy period, a lot of consumers will avoid the sometimes manic high street by shopping online. Richard continued: “Cyber shopping means that products can now be bought 24/7 so it is vital to have a supply chain partner that operates 24/7 for 365 days a year.”

With the retail sector being so volatile none of us really know what to expect, but as the old adage goes always expect the unexpected. It is important to have a supply chain that can react to this and as Richard explained this is not always the case: “Surprisingly there are still some operators who do not offer day1 for day2 52/24/7 as a minimum standard of service. The requirement for flexibility and agility will only grow as people shop 24/7 from their smart phones and tablets, as well as in store. Not only will retailers want more flexibility to meet ever-more demanding consumers, manufacturers will need to keep-up and adopt more flexible supply chain solutions and we at Fowler Welch are ready to support them.”

We have made it our business to listen to their customers, respond to their needs and deliver the services they need both cost efficiently and flexibly. This ethos will ensure that, in the lead up to Easter, we will be in the perfect position to offer the best possible service.


(1)Binder Dijker Otte Business trend report, 2014