Fresh Success for Fowler Welch and ISS

fruit production lineThis year has seen a number of changes at Fowler Welch’s Teynham facility, across both the team and the operation they provide.

Teynham has a long established reputation of offering Fowler Welch’s day-one-for-day-one service of cross docking and consolidating produce often grown in Kent or delivered in from the region’s ports.

However after listening to the needs of our fresh produce customers, our joint venture, Integrated Service Solutions (ISS) has delivered an efficient end to end supply chain.

Combining the state of the art pack house with Fowler Welch’s distribution network and knowledge offers existing customers the confidence that they are receiving high quality produce, safely handled every time.

This year has seen the completion of a 52,000 sq ft warehouse extension which has broadened the range of ripening and packing services available for a variety of stoned, exotic and soft fruits, from lemons and limes to kiwis and mangoes.

Teynham’s facilities include 70,000 sq ft of pack house including six ripening rooms that use humidity and temperature to safely ripen a range of fruits.

The extension has created a further 50,000 sq ft of space for 2,500 pallets of rack storage for ISS to store product in chambers of up to four different temperatures, ranging from 0 – 10°C. This multi-temperature facility allows the customer to consolidate its storage and packing for a vast range of fruits such as apples at 0°C to limes at 8°C.

The additional capacity has allowed Rondanini, supplier of egg pasta and desserts to return storage and picking to Teynham following a temporary move to Spalding while the building work was undertaken. As an importer, this allows them to bring in product directly from the port at Dover to be packed and distributed from under one roof, reducing food miles and delivery costs.