What good customer service looks like to Fowler Welch

fowler welch logo on lorryIn a highly saturated market with a large number of companies offering very similar services with very small margins up for grabs, it’s not just price that will set you apart from the crowd, but the level of service and value you can add to your customers’ business.

At Fowler Welch, our customers are at the heart of everything we do, without them we wouldn’t have a business. So from board-level to warehouse floor we aim to offer the best quality service to all of our customers, irrelevant of size.

Our customers expect more than a one-off service when there’s a problem, they want a relationship they can trust and we work collaboratively with each individual customer to make sure our expertise gives them added value and all-round support at each stage of a project.

It all starts with listening

The main focus of our service offering is to increase efficiency for our customer. If we don’t operate efficiently and practice what we preach, we won’t be able to offer an effective service for others. In the last twelve months we have taken steps to improve our efficiency across our fleet and our nine depots in order to pass these gains on to our customers. We have focused on lowering carbon emissions, installed technology to help improve miles per gallon and teamed up with FareShare to help tackle food waste. We believe that in order to offer the best advice and services possible for our customers, we need to create a solid foundation ourselves on which we can add value for our customers.

Working together to create bespoke solutions

As a business, collaboration is key to how we work, and our customers tell us they find the best results through pooling resources and sharing knowledge. Working as an extension of our customer’s team goes a long way to finding a solution that will improve efficiencies and offer success for all parties.

Customers need honesty and advice they can trust, even if it’s not what they initially had in mind, if it will improve their business efficiencies then they need a partner who will offer them the solution their business really needs. It is key to build strong relationships with customers and have a detailed knowledge of their business so that they can be offered a bespoke solution that best suits their needs. Going above and beyond to find a solution that will offer that customer real returns, even if it means working outside of a prescribed tender, often has the most successful results for the customer.

No two customers are the same

While we offer a range of standard services that are available to all new and existing customers, we are not afraid to drill down to our customers’ individual needs and be innovative in our approach if we think it will offer the better results.

Looking at the problem holistically across the whole business often means we get the best results than if we were to only look at the one area. For example, we recently collaborated with fruit importer DPS in a 50,000 sq ft extension of our Teynham site, which has allowed the company to pack and ripen all of its produce under one roof, removing the need for external transportation and increasing efficiency significantly.

Relationships and reporting

Transparency is incredibly important in providing good quality customer service. We have long-term contracts with our customers which allow strong relationships to develop so we learn exactly how to operate best for our customers. We believe in regular updates and contact, which is why our senior management team act as account sponsors. In this role, they perform proactive reviews of results and performance to make sure the customer is getting the very best service.

Regular reporting is key in keeping the customer up-to-date on how their services are performing and also allows us to clearly see what’s working well and if any changes need to be made to deliver an even better quality service. These reports come in a range of formats depending on the customer’s requirements, including daily site liaison and incident reporting, weekly KPI reports and heat maps, monthly logistics reviews and site operational meetings and annual formal reviews.

At Fowler Welch, our customer service is bespoke to each client and we use a range of initiatives and strategies that will work best for each customer. We find that listening to our customers, responding with solutions tailored to their individual needs and delivering on the brief with accurate and regular measurement delivers the most success for all parties involved.

To find out more about the services we offer, please call 0870 588 2288.