Alex: Apprentice Supply Chain Operator - Spalding

Why did you choose an apprenticeship over a different career or further education?

I have worked in this field before and I liked it.  I applied for this scheme because it enables me to gain more experience and a qualification in the industry while earning money to support myself.


How did you hear about the Fowler Welch apprenticeship scheme?

My husband recommended Fowler Welch as he is pleased to work here and he saw an opportunity for my personal development within the company, so I went onto the website to search for positions available.


Were there lots of opportunities locally for this type of apprenticeship?

I’m not sure, I didn’t check anywhere else as my husband was really keen to promote working at Fowler Welch so I kept my eye out for opportunities on the website.


What were you expecting when you first started the programme?

I didn’t really have any expectations – I was curious and excited when I was chosen for the role and I’m really happy I am part of this big team.


What support have you received through your training?

I have had and still have a lot of support from managers, colleagues and the apprenticeship’s co-ordinator.  I felt welcome from the first day and I can say from personal experience that not all companies have this type of positive vibe.


What have you most enjoyed about being with Fowler Welch and your apprenticeship?

I really like my colleagues at Fowler Welch and the fact that everyone is friendly and supportive.  I can say I know more about this industry because of all the information I have been given and I feel grateful to everyone who has contributed to my development.


What advice would you give to anyone looking to enrol in a Fowler Welch apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend Fowler Welch and the apprenticeship scheme.  It is a great experience and an open door for progress.


We are currently taking applications for Apprentice Transport Operators and Apprentice LGV Drivers across the country – click here to see what options are available in your area.