Iwona: Apprentice Supply Chain Operator - Hilsea

Why did you choose an apprenticeship over a different career or further education?

The apprenticeship was related to my old job in Poland which I really liked.  I like learning new things so I thought I’d give it a go.  There weren’t a lot of opportunities for schemes like this in the area.


What were you expecting when you first started the programme?

That I would learn something new – details about UK laws and regulations and it would give me the opportunity to practice my English.


What support have you received during your training?

People in the office have shown me a lot of patience and have really helped me to learn a lot of new things.  I have always been able to talk with the managers about any mistakes and how they can be fixed – I’ve received loads of support.


What have you most enjoyed about being with Fowler Welch and your apprenticeship?

The support of my colleagues and the fact that I have been able to learn more about road transport.  Before I came to England I worked in a similar role, arranging ocean and air shipments for customers.  Here, I have been able to learn all about road transport and chilled distribution.  The working hours are very good and it’s a nice atmosphere to work in – everyday is interesting.  I enjoy the varied role and contact with people from so many different countries.


What advice would you give to anyone looking to enrol in a Fowler Welch apprenticeship?

Don’t be afraid to try it because it is really worth it.  Fowler Welch has good teachers and they are training specialists – it’s never too late for changes.


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