Past performance is a good indication of future results for your supply chain

queen_elizabeth_IIWith the Queen officially opening Parliament today (27th May 2015) the first fully Conservative government since 1997 will officially start work putting into place some of its manifesto promises.

Many political commentators suggest the Conservative’s surprise election victory was the result of voters looking to maintain the improvements the British economy has seen since 2010.

Voters were faced with a clear choice between the Conservative Party promising to significantly reduce the deficit and opposition parties offering to increase spending. In the end more voters chose Mr Cameron’s pro-business, smaller government vision.

This is backed by the stats, 16 of the 20 constituencies with the highest number of businesses per head voted for a Conservative Member of Parliament. The average number of businesses per 10,000 people is now over 400 in Conservative constituencies, compared with just over 250 in Labour areas.

In addition to reducing the deficit the Conservatives have also promised measures to boost the economy which are likely to be good news for the food industry. Hopefully improving consumer confidence will drive many shoppers to spend more on food and drink, although they will continue to seek value. While this is of initial benefit to retailers, a buoyant food retail industry will have a trickle-down effect across the entire supply chain.

To take advantage of these benefits it is essential that food producers, retailers and manufacturers partner with a supply chain specialist with a long history of investment in its services and one offering to continue to improve efficiency in the industry.

Fowler Welch has a track record of investment and development and can help improve our customers’ bottom-line performance. At a time when government will be watching every penny and consumers have become used to the ‘new normal’ of good quality at low prices, our ability to deliver additional value can make a real difference for our customers.

In the same way many voters backed David Cameron’s government on the basis of its economic track record, customers can back Fowler Welch on our track record for investing in improving the supply chain.

Our commitment to investing in driving supply chain efficiency has seen us shortlisted for this year’s Grocer Gold Awards. The nomination recognises the business’ strong record of listening to customer supply chain needs, responding through innovation, and delivering market-leading solutions.