Problem Solving in the Supply Chain

Shows a Fowler Welch warehouse with pallets and stockAt Fowler Welch, customers are at the heart of our business and we aim to make our team an extension of the customer’s operation with our expertise and dedication. As a business, we’re not afraid to try something that’s never been done before or venture into the unknown and our customers expect us to be the experts in our field and deliver tangible solutions. When customers come to us with a problem or an issue, we’re not afraid to give them the solution they need, even if it’s not necessarily what they originally came for.

Problems come in all shapes and sizes for our customers and often focus around improving efficiency and getting the most out of the supply chain. The food businesses we deal with are working in a hugely competitive sector at this time, so keeping up with consumer demand while remaining competitive is a key focus and we have a number of ways of achieving this for them.


Strategic thinking is key in a highly competitive market place and we are incredibly flexible in making sure we can provide the highest quality service for every customer, no matter their size or needs. Consolidation is key to this ethos as grouping together consignments from multiple producers for onward delivery to shared customers has become a major contributor to the efficiency of customers’ supply chains, particularly in the movement of smaller consignments. As the retail landscape continues to shift, suppliers, manufacturers and producers need to work together as one unified supply chain, pooling knowledge and resources in order to create a successful supply chain for all parties.


From fleet, to contract packing, whatever the needs of our customers, we’re always at the forefront with creativity and industry-leading solutions that will make a marked difference on the supply chain. We are incredibly flexible in the way we work with our customers and partners and are happy to collaborate with other industry experts when further expertise is needed in order to find a solution which best fits the customer’s needs.

One of the most recent developments in the way we’re helping customers create an efficient supply chain is through information. Our specialised in-house IT team can handle all kinds of data and translate it into the format our customers need, meaning our customers receive full transparency and thus greater control. Fowler Welch is looking forward to a bright future, with innovation playing a key part in the development of our services and investments in technology that will allow for quick decision making with guaranteed accuracy.


Throughout everything we do, we aim to be flexible in our relationships with our customers, using our expertise and knowledge to advise them on what they need, even if it’s different from their original brief. Too often we see relationships between the manufacturer and logistics operator becoming commoditised, making it impossible for companies like Fowler Welch to bring more to the party.

However, increasingly we are finding that our customers are taking more interest in understanding the true cost for each delivery point as opposed to just getting the lowest overall cost. Our ability to be flexible here rather than working to a prescribed tender means we can help them add value where they need it. As more manufacturers come on board with this way of working, this will prove a powerful approach for those who wish to make informed decisions as they grow and adjust to more diverse customer bases.