Simple Can Be Effective

image of a shelf in-storeThere are many processes involved in bringing stock from the producer all the way to the retail shelf. For a business involved in the supply chain, it is important that they have the most effective and simplified structure in place.

A supply chain can contain numerous agents in the journey to the retail shelf. A major challenge is to move products to the retail shelf as efficiently as possible. It can often be a struggle to transfer a product that has a volatile demand because of the logistics involved. Retailers are looking to work with businesses that can offer regular deliveries to help meet their demand.

Combining the processes involved, such as warehousing, transportation and IT support, can help to simplify a supply chain, making it easier for businesses to react to surges in demand. Simplifying the processes can help to supply products more regularly, making the supplier a more attractive partner to the retailer.

Often the stages involved are underestimated by businesses, leading to a loss of efficiency. Some of the most important characteristics for a supply chain are flexibility and agility.

As many products have a set shelf life, producers and manufacturers can often struggle to ensure that the speed of delivery is maintained during the supply chain process. An experienced consolidator which offers supply chain services could help a business to keep up with demand.

Consumers have become increasingly savvy and in light of a growing demand for more varied product ranges, supply chains are likely to become more and more complicated unless businesses take an integrated approach and reduce agents in the supply chain. By using one trusted partner to manage multiple stages of the inbound and outbound chain, agents and data exchanges can be reduced significantly to offer a simple, cost effective and efficient supply chain.

The advantage of simplifying a supply chain is that it can increase flexibility in every area where there is a set process. A supply chain specialist can ensure that stock is replenished on demand; deliveries can be taken and stored on a short or long term basis and supply and demand can be monitored, ensuring food waste and low-lines do not occur.

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