Welcome Chris and Ruth

stood with bikesIt’s a day for combining legs, Ruth Peacegood joins Osman and Chris Needham, now this is a winning team until Ruth explained she had never been on a road bike before, or used gears but with a quick practice around the car park, we crossed our fingers as they set off. Anne was support car for the last 2 legs and it was brilliant to see her again.

Having gone to Southampton, we contacted the team to say it was no one was around and if they preferred to push on they could, this meant the finish would likely be earlier than the 9.30pm predicted, they all agreed, downed a handful of Jelly beans and Jelly babies and set off to Hilsea. Turns out the Fareshare team came later, such a shame we missed a great photo opportunity.

stood with medalsGreat to have them in at Hilsea and they look great on it. Osman has been cycling since 6am this morning, I take my hat off to him, he’s amazing. (He is also doing tomorrow and Wednesday!!).

A medal for all and its off get ready for our 6.00am curtain call tomorrow and another 171 miles.