Greencell Ltd. is a Kent-based supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables to over 200 customers across the UK, with produce imported from over 30 countries.


Greencell needed a partner that would be able to carry out UK container deliveries into its strategic UK hubs for onward distribution to customers. They needed a partner who could manage and deliver a 24/7 operation that would be responsive enough to run out of multiple ports as and when required.


Our dedicated Traffic Team means we can respond accordingly and effectively to any vessel or customer delays that come hand-in-hand with receiving imported produce from ports. This minimises any downtime of the operation and provides peace of mind for Greencell that external delays won’t create a backlog for its entire supply chain.


This flexible approach to managing the supply chain has allowed Greencell to concentrate on sourcing the very best product from around the world and building relationships with its customers at home.

“Greencell and Fowler Welch have a successful ten year partnership, fostering a special relationship built upon a close working ethic and good old fashioned hard work.”

“Warehousing and distribution is, of course, vital to our supply chain commitment, and confidence in our logistics supplier is key. Fowler Welch gives us that piece of mind. They understand our business, particularly when things get hectic at the UK ports. To put it bluntly, they just get on with it and that’s precisely why we have enjoyed a ten year partnership. Sure, problems arise in any supply chain, but it’s Fowler Welch’s ability to ‘see’ the solution and to get there quickly which sets it apart.”Elliot Papouchado, Sales Support Manager, Greencell Ltd.