Tulip is one of Britain’s leading food producing companies, supplying the highest quality meat products to a diverse range of customers.


Having developed a successful relationship with Tulip as an existing customer, Tulip wanted to blend its existing network of locations. It needed a partner that would be able to optimise efficiency and improve flexibility by delivering both full and consolidated loads.


We worked with partner Tulip in a rigorous analysis of their needs, to identify and implement a number of initiatives that would improve their DOT rate and reduce food miles.

The team demonstrated their deep understanding of Tulip’s business by implementing a dedicated Tulip service team, offering flexibility and managing peaks and troughs in demand in an imaginative way.

A dedicated Tulip service provision team was set up to provide the best level of service to both Tulip’s sites and customers. The team offers a bridge between Tulip and its customers and invested heavily in time and resource in order to gain the confidence of all parties. This included detailed evaluations of the operation as well as a number of face-to-face team meetings in order to interpret and understand specific information and requirements such as:


  • product type
  • supply chain priority
  • delivery restrictions
  • contingency measures

This knowledge and understanding enables the team to provide early information when situations arise.


As a result of these initiatives and continued improvement to its service, the Tulip account grew from a pick and deliver only contract, to an all-encompassing supply chain, improving efficiency across Tulip’s entire operation.

The way we’ve been able to grow and adapt our offering to Tulip exemplifies our dedication to customer service and our passion for helping our customers achieve their business objectives.


“The solution implemented by Fowler Welch was for them to act as an extension to the Tulip Business, interacting with Tulip sites and our customers on a dynamic basis. Through this collaboration we have forged a true three way partnership between supplier, customer and haulier which has provided a differentiated service within an extremely competitive field.”Paul Streets, Head of Group Distribution & Logistics, Tulip Ltd