With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the Fowler Welch teams are in full swing, managing one of its peak operational periods.  Aiming to demonstrate one of our core values, to Delight the Customer, by delivering products just-in-time to allow them to be positioned in shops for when the big day arrives.


Our teams work tirelessly to listen to our customers’ detailed requirements, respond to 11th hour order amendments and deliver a premium service to ensure their customers are delighted too.


Whether she is round the corner, hundreds of miles away, or no longer with you, we all want to show our Mums just how much we care about them.  What better way to say “Thank You” to that special person than with a beautiful bright bunch of flowers or a perfectly pleasing plant.

Here in the UK we celebrate Mother’s Day on the 4th Sunday in Lent – that’s why the date differs from year to year (in case you were wondering!)  According to the Flowers & Plants Association, Mother’s Day is the single biggest event in the cut flower and indoor plant industry.  It sees the UK’s sales of plants and flowers increase by an average of 40% compared to a normal day’s trading.

At Fowler Welch we’re #MoreThanFruitAndVeg, playing a huge part in delivering Mother’s Day to the nation.  This week, our dedicated teams will deliver over 2 million bunches of flowers and 100,000 plants as we approach the Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday – that’s on top of the normal grocery, horticulture and chilled food items that keep the supermarket shelves stacked and the nation’s fridges filled.

It isn’t possible for us all to spend time with our Mums this year, so as you ponder the posy of perfect pastels make sure you flower her with love this Mother’s Day.