Warehousing services

As a business, our reputation for performance excellence in the temperature controlled FMCG supply chain has been well-earned through years of experience and continued delivery of results for our customers, across the range of temperature controlled services we offer.

Chilled Storage & Distribution

As a chilled storage and distribution customer, you can expect:

A committed and experienced team delivering results on a daily basis

Reliable and flexible day one for day two, and day one for day one services

Expertise and experience that offers you the highest quality chilled service

In a sector where lead times are of utmost importance, particularly as the retail landscape is experiencing a fundamental shift, our committed food team offers a trusted and reliable, yet fully flexible and responsive service on a day one for day one, and day one for day two basis.

Storage & Picking

Our storage and picking services continuously deliver:

Storage facilities that handle temperatures from -3°C up to +10°C under one roof, for flexibility and convenience

High quality stock-holding environments that maintain the quality of a product

Added value picking services with complete traceability

Few companies have the skills and expertise in logistics to allow them to manage a range of temperatures in one facility while meeting the demands of a variety of customers, large and small, across the country. However, our expert team has developed ideal warehouse and storage environments that not only ensure we can hold stock on a long-term basis without compromising the quality of products, but that also satisfy the needs of our customers at all times. Our network of strategically located warehouses is fully equipped to manage both short- and long-term needs, meaning your full portfolio of products is covered under one roof, with ease. We can manage a number of requests, from overflow stock at peak growing times or during seasonal demand, to ‘ingredients’ being held for food manufacturing or merchandising units for supermarket display, we will accommodate it all.

Delivering tangible solutions

One of our main priorities as a business is to become an extension of our customers’ teams, offering our skills and expertise to make their operation run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Across our warehouses, the Vendor Managed Inventory services we provide deliver tangible solutions that allow our customers to know their products are where they need to be, when they need to be there, and in top quality condition. With the recent shift in the retail and wholesale markets putting pressure on manufacturers and producers across the supply chain to react quicker than ever, our services allow you to be confident that we can react quickly to changes in consumer demand patterns. This is critical to operators and suppliers alike and we work with both retailers and manufacturers to deliver Vendor Managed Inventory solutions that maintain optimum warehouse efficiency levels and allow retailers to maximise on-shelf availability for consumers.

Deep Chill Storage

We pride ourselves on listening to your requirements in order to respond with a deep chill storage solution that will deliver a reliable service, extending a product’s shelf life, all year round.

When temperatures from 0°C to 3°C are needed for products such as turkeys, our team has the ability and highly equipped facilities to handle this with ease. From routine distribution to seasonal and promotional peaks, our expert teams are able to cope with everything you and your customers require. Day in, day out, we effortlessly carry out the inbound and outbound handling of our customers’ deep chill product storage requirements from our nationwide network of specialist warehouses. Our team of experienced people know what they are doing, and do it well, meaning you can be confident that your products are handled and stored correctly, time after time

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