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Euro 6 Fowler Welch now have 127 euro 6 units on the road, bring improved MPG performance across the network.
63 million kilometres are covred every year by the Fowler Welch fleet, and 43% of the fleet is Euro 6. Great news for customers and the enviroment.

...our target for the reduction in our carbon footprint, which has already been exceeded.


...the number of employees helping to make our customers successful

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April 10

National leading FMCG supply-chain operator, Fowler Welch has raised over £22,500 for Epilepsy Research UK. The ambient and chilled specialist, which employs over 1300 people, selected Epilepsy Research UK after a colleague in its Heywood depot sadly…

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April 24

The volatility of shopping habits can often strike fear in to the heart of any business, especially when these trends cannot be easily predicted. So what exactly are these current ‘habits’ and how can they affect your business? There are a number of …

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