• Fowler Welch Shortlisted For Logistics Supplier Of The Year.

  • Fowler Welch Names FareShare as Charity of the Year

  • Fowler Welch Appoints Head Of Operations For Ambient

  • Fowler Welch Introduces Newest Customer to Nuneaton Facility

63 million kilometres are covered every year by the Fowler Welch fleet, and 43% of the fleet is Euro 6. Great news for customers and the enviroment.

emissions reduced by over 10,000 tonnes per annum.


...the number of employees helping to make our customers successful

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May 15

Fowler Welch, a leading logistics provider for the UK food industry, has named FareShare as their Charity of the Year. The partnership will see Fowler Welch employees raise money and awareness for the food charity, supporting their work to redistribu…

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May 9

Energy efficiency across businesses is high on the agenda at the moment, with carbon reduction regularly appearing in the media and as a hot topic across the industry. As energy costs are expected to rise and the pressures across all industries to be…

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