Fowler Welch Driver of the Year – Apprentice Story

Fowler Welch Driver of the Year – Apprentice Story

April 29, 2024

A massive congratulations to Jack Richardson-Gould, Fowler Welch Apprentice of the year and Event Winner of the Fowler Welch Driver of the Year competition!

John Kerrigan, CEO of Fowler Welch had the honour of presenting our Depot Winners with their awards, and was incredibly impressed at the high standards of driving demonstrated throughout the past year. “To have not driven an HGV before a year ago and then go on to win this, is a truly significant achievement and one that Jack and everyone involved with our Apprenticeship Scheme should be very proud of, so thanks and well done to you all.”

Jack has loved having the freedom being an LGV Driver Apprentice brings and looks forward to opportunities to build upon his skills as a Driver. When asked about his favourite part of the Apprenticeship, Jack said he particularly enjoyed the time he got to spend with experienced Drivers, claiming “I wouldn’t be the employee I am today” without the advice and guidance from the team.

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Jacks Story

My career at Fowler Welch began with a referral from current employee, former apprentice, Thomas Deighton. I had previous experience with farm machinery and trailers but had always wanted to go into heavy haulage driving.

In the beginning of my Apprenticeship, I was carrying out manoeuvres on site, and training in how to operate HGVs and their associated equipment such as Coupling and Uncoupling, identifying vehicle faults and defects, use of tail lifts and air suspension and how to use Tachographs.

When my driver trainer, Neal Cook, deemed me safe to drive on public roads, I went out on L plates with a ten-metre twin axle trailer this gave me an idea of how the unit and trailer handled, and understand the physics and dynamics involved with driving a class one heavy goods vehicle. It was very different to anything else I’d driven before.
Once ready I obtained my licence through Transplant Master Train, who are the dedicated instructors for Fowler Welch, and I am proud to say I passed my test first time with only three minors.

I couldn’t wait to get to work, having the freedom of being out by myself on the open road was great! Obviously, there is the occasional challenge here and there, but these are all aspects I really enjoy and have come to see as opportunities to build my skills as a driver.

The best part of my Apprenticeship was the time I got to spend with experienced drivers, without their guidance and advise on how to be a safe and efficient driver, I wouldn’t be the employee I am today.

Having just over a years’ experience and winning Apprentice of the year, and then the Driver of the year competition was a credit to not only my hard work and dedication, but everyone else who helped me through my apprenticeship.